Got Money

Hi FM’s “Got Money”

...we HAD LOADS of it to give to you!

Every weekday someone won 100 OMR. Every week someone won 300 OMR. Plus, every month we made someone 2500 OMR richer!



1st Nov - Lokesh Kandala Madhusudha - 100 OMR

2nd Nov - Alya Hussain Ali Alzedjali - 100 OMR

3rd Nov - John Peter Wyn - 100 OMR

4th Nov - Timothy Roy - 100 OMR

5th Nov - Raed Chafic Chabaklo - 300 OMR

6th Nov - Hamad Said Alhadabi - 100 OMR

7th Nov - Shane Coory - 100 OMR

8th Nov - Sangma Arora - 100 OMR

9th Nov - Jason Bundrage - 100 OMR

10th Nov - Maya Alaauddun - 100 OMR 

11th Nov - Ibrahim Abdulla Alqasmi - 100 OMR

12th Nov - Sima Gurbeni - 300 OMR

13th Nov - Gurkamalijt Aljit - 100 OMR

14th Nov - Marlon Barlifan - 100 OMR

15th Nov - Michele Andreafsem - 100 OMR

16th Nov - Alvin Lijaya - 100 OMR

17th Nov - Ashika  Rebiro - 100 OMR

18th Nov - Alya Ali Mohammed - 100 OMR

19th Nov - Sandra  Druttomesse - 300 OMR

20th Nov - Riwanci Mathews - 100 OMR

21st Nov - Joanna Carla Cielos - 100 OMR

22nd Nov - Maryam Khamis Alhatrooshi - 100 OMR

23rd Nov - Zayannah Sultan Alseyabi - 100 OMR

24th Nov - Timothy Allen Roy - 100 OMR

25th Nov - Frederick Espinosa - 100 OMR

26th Nov - Mohamed Redah Alwati - 300 OMR

27th Nov - Sulaiman Abdulla Allamki - 100 OMR

28th Nov - Mannan Mohammed Ameen - 100 OMR

29th Nov -  Amelia Almaskri - 100 OMR

30th Nov - Maria Arbiana - 2,500 OMR 

1st Dec - Mohammed  Khamis Ambusaidi -100 OMR

2nd Dec - Mohammed  Abdullah Alshukaili - 100 OMR

3rd Dec - Rahma  Mohammed - 300 OMR

4th Dec - Ibtisam Albarwani - 100 OMR

5th Dec - Khalida  Alhadrami - 100 OMR

6th Dec - Khalida Salim Alhadrami - 100 OMR

7th Dec - Aisha Saleh - 100 MR

8th Dec - Nelson Mateo - 100 OMR

9th Dec - Sharukh Ahmed - 100 OMR

10th Dec - Sabah Said Altooqi - 300 OMR

11th Dec - Hisham Abdullah Alkabani - 100 OMR

12th Dec - Rajesh Kannan - 100 OMR

13th Dec - Abdullah Altamimi - 100 OMR

14th Dec - Sabri Salehalawadi  - 100 OMR

15th Dec - Sunil Kumar - 100 OMR 

16th Dec - Abdullah Khamis Alkatri - 100 OMR

17th Dec - Ali Saad said Alsamhan - 300 OMR

18th Dec - Maryam Alaamri  - 100 OMR

19th Dec - Jewal  Thrakan - 100 OMR

20th Dec - Aziza Habib Albatran - 100 OMR

21st Dec - Mohameed Sameeh Albusaidi - 100 OMR

22nd Dec - Mark Anthony   - 100 OMR   

23rd Dec - Aisha Habib Alabri - 100 OMR

24th Dec - Rose Ann - 300 OMR

25th Dec - Mohameed Sihab - 100 OMR

26th Dec - Allan Satian - 100 OMR

27th Dec - Mohammed Abrar - 100 OMR

28th Dec - Fahad Said Alsalti - 100 OMR

29th Dec - Akanksha Susrla - 100 OMR

30th Dec - Lubna Almazrooi - 100 OMR

31st Dec - Assad  Salim Almamri - 300 OMR

1st Jan 2018 - Rashid Hameed Aaltooqi - 100 OMR

2nd Jan -  Zahra Abdulkhaliq - 100 OMR

3rd Jan - Fazir  Abdulmajid  Albalushi - 100 OMR

4th Jan - Nuof Abdulrahman Albalushi - 2500 OMR

4th Jan - Farooq Abdullah Alharthi -100 OMR

5th Jan - Samia  Juma  Alzadjali - 100 OMR

6th Jan - Hamed Hilal Alnamani - 100 OMR

7th Jan - Jokha Suliman Alshibani - 300 OMR

8th Jan - Mazin Saif  Alzeidi -100 OMR

9th Jan - Muhanned Marwan Aljabri - 100 OMR

10th Jan - Marsha Hameed Alrashdi - 100 OMR

11th Jan - Abdullah  Alwahibi - 100 OMR

12th Jan - Samah  saif Alammri - 100 OMR

13th Jan - Rose Lyn - 100 OMR

14th Jan - Khola Mohammed Aljabri - 300 OMR

15th Jan - Ali Said Alnaimi - 100 OMR

16th Jan - Mohamed Marhoon Alsulaimi - 100 OMR

17th Jan - Amal Rehashid Aljahdhami - 100 OMR

18th Jan - Hind Saleh Alkindi - 100 OMR

19th Jan - Saada Salim Almukhaini - 100 OMR

20th Jan - Mohammed Albalushi - 100 OMR

21st Jan - Ali Mohammed Alsahri - 300 OMR

22nd Jan - Rahma Hamed Almakhladi - 100 OMR

23rd Jan - Nouf Alhajari - 100 OMR

24th Jan - Alyazyah Aljanibi - 100 OMR

25th Jan - Abdulaziz Ali - 100 OMR

26th Jan - Zainab Alzadjali - 100 OMR

27th Jan - Badria Saif Alrawahi - 100 OMR

28th Jan - Nadia Mohammed - 300 OMR

29th Jan - Gaby Yarad - 100 OMR

30th Jan - Ghanim Albalushi - 100 OMR

31st Jan - Abdullah Almohammedi - 100 OMR

1st Feb - Tabraiz Bin Mousa - 2500 OMR

2nd Feb - Rosa Lin - 100 OMR

3rd Feb - Ahmed Suliman Albalushi - 100 OMR

4th Feb -  Fatima Mohammed Albalushi - 300 OMR

5th Feb - Marhoon Khusis Alhatali - 100 OMR

6th Feb - Rawia hilal Albarwani - 100 OMR

7th Feb - Maryana  Alhamdani - 100 OMR

8th Feb - Zayana Alnamani - 100 OMR

9th Feb - Lubna Mohammed Alhinai - 100 OMR

10th Feb - Lamia Almeniaui -100 OMR

11th Feb - Abeer Aljabri - 300 OMR

12th Feb -  Amira Juma Alfarsi - 100 OMR

13th Feb - Salim Mohammed Alamri - 100 OMR

14th Feb - Aziza khalfan Alnamani - 100 OMR

15th Feb - Saliem Khamis Alsinai - 100 OMR

16th Feb - Taif Ahmed Almadari - 100 OMR

17th Feb - Mohammed Idris - 100 OMR

18th Feb - Dawood Alrahbi - 300 OMR

19th Feb - Naser Salim Alsinawi - 100 OMR

20th Feb - Thuriya Shaikan Albalushi - 100 OMR

21st Feb - Mtro Mohammed - 100 OMR

22nd Feb - Tufool Abdulallah Aldhahab - 100 OMR

23rd Feb - Salim Saleh Alhinai - 100 OMR

24th Feb - Muna Suliman  Mohammed - 100 OMR

25th Feb - Abdulmajeed Khalifa Alhinai - 300 OMR

26th Feb - Zayana Saif Almanji - 100 OMR

27th Feb - Islam Gougam - 100 OMR

28th Feb - Fahad Saleh Alrahbi - 100 OMR

1st March - Katherine Rimas  - 2500 OMR

2nd March - Najla Saleh Alhandasi - 100 OMR

3rd March -  Nizar Deen - 100 OMR

4th March - Adil Nasser - 300 OMR

5th March - Said Salim Alshuaili - 100 OMR

6th March - Sarhan Hamood - 100 OMR

7th March - Sheika Mohammed Alharthi - 100 OMR

8th March - Said Albalushi - 100 OMR & iPHONE X

9th March - Manal Albalushi - 100 OMR

10th March - Mohammed Alqasmi - 100 OMR 

11th March - Salim Alsaadi - 300 OMR

12th March -  Jalilah Alhadrami - 100 OMR

13th March - Issa Lal Mohemmed Albalushi - 100 OMR

14th March - Algalia Alhatlai - 100 OMR

15th March - Saif Mohammed Alshibli - 100 OMR

16th March - Khalil Said Alrawahi  100 OMR

17th March - Anisa Alraisi - 100 OMR

18th March - Zubair Ahmed Albalushi - 300 OMR

19th March - Daiamuni Jayasrii - 100 OMR

20th March - Hajer Suliman - 100 OMR

21st March - Hala Mohammed - 100 OMR

22nd March - Arif Ahmed - 100 OMR

23rd March - Ruhaina Khalf - 100 OMR 

24th March - Carilou Baustista - 100 OMR

25th March - Muzna Amer - 300 OMR

26th March - Yousef Said Ahmed  - 100 OMR

27th March - Saify Ther - 100 OMR

28th March - Balqis Ali Mohammed - 100 OMR 

29th March - Khalifa Subaih - 100 OMR

30th March - Muayid said Alsaidi - 100 OMR

31st March - Abdul Jameel Ibrahim - 300 OMR

1st April - Evalyn Deocareza - 2,500 OMR


Terms & Conditions


To stop at anytime SMS STOP to 91991, free of charge.

This competition is only open to Ooredoo & Omantel customers. Please do not take part if you are on another network.

The Organizer of the Promotion:

The “Got Money” Promotion is organized by Hi FM & Hala FM


Opening and Closing Dates:

The Promotion "Hi & Hala FM’s “Got Money”" will run from the 31st October 2017 until and including 31st March 2018.


Promotion brief:

Hi FM & Hala FM’s ““Got Money”” is an interactive service where the participants will be able to play a trivia-based quiz and compete to win prizes.

  1. “Got Money” Promo:
      • The customers will be invited to join Hi FM & Hala FM’s “Got Money” through radio prompts & SMS broadcasts via Ooredoo & Omantel short codes informing them of the service and to play for chances to win prizes.


      • The customers will be charged 500Bz (Baiza) per message to play the trivia quiz. The quiz would be both an informative and entertainment trivia game where the participants are offered a series of general knowledge questions and get a chance to win prizes mentioned below:


  • 126x OMR 200 in Cash, 100 per each station (daily per station - drawn every day except on the days of the weekly and monthly prize). Please note that the Friday* and Saturday winners will be announced on Sunday (*HiFM will announce the Friday winner on the weekly podcast).
  • 21x OMR 600 in Cash, 300 per each station (weekly per station - drawn every Sunday) 
  • 5x OMR 5000 in cash, 2500 per each station (monthly per station – drawn on 29th November, 3rd Jan, 31st Jan, 28th Feb and 31st  March)
  • Each winner will be notified by telephone from Hi FM and Hala FM only.

The “Got Money” Club (subscription Club) Participants would also be invited to join the “Got Money” Club (subscription club) to increase their winning chances. It’s a daily subscription option which offers double points and higher chances to win the prizes. Every day the subscription is auto-renewed (for “Got Money” Club subscribers) at 500Bz and 500 bonus points rewarded for the same.

If the customer doesn’t have 500Bz available in their balance, 100Bz will be deducted.

Points will be accumulated during the whole promotion period and will be valid from the first day of participation until the last day of the promotion.

Who can participate?

Only Ooredoo & Omantel mobile customers will be entitled to participate (post-paid & prepaid), who are at least 18 (eighteen) years old unless the participant has the bill payer’s permission.

Employees (or members of their families, or households of employees) of Ooredoo & Omantel, AMC, Hi FM & Hala FM and TIMWE, or its partners, for the period of the promotion, and also their relatives up to 4th degree and spouses are not entitled to participate in the Promotion.

People who are not valid Oman residents are also not eligible to participate.

Routes of Entry:

Send an SMS with the keyword "WIN" or “SUB” in English or " اربح " in Arabic to the Short Code 91991 (although any keyword sent to Ooredoo & Omantel 91991 will be accepted as a consent for registration to the “Got Money” promotion, such as SUB, VIP, YES, JOIN, CASH and others).

Tariffs & Points:



“Got Money” Points

“Got Money” Trivia Quiz 

500 bz per message

  • 100 points for correct answers, 
  • 50 points for incorrect answers

“Got Money” Club 

500 bz per day



PLUS, 500bz

for every message sent to answer the ‘“Got Money”’ Trivia Quiz

  • 200 points for correct answers, 
  • 100 points for incorrect answers
  • PLUS 500 bonus points on each daily subscription renewal


All messages will be charged except HELP, POINTS and STOP keywords.

Participants are NOT CHARGED for receiving SMS messages.

The number of points a customer has will determine their chances of winning.

50 “Got Money” Points = 1 Draw Entry

Once the participant enters the promotion he/she will receive a welcome message and a question with two probable answers (one answer is correct and the other is incorrect). The participant must answer the question by replying in an SMS with the number corresponding to the correct answer (which will be either 1 or 2) to the Short Code 91991.

Every day, for participants subscribed to the “Got Money” Club, a subscription renewal message confirming receiving 500 bonus points (earned for being part of the ““Got Money” Club”) will be sent. Subscription costs 500Bz daily on successful charging only, this message will be received by the “Got Money” Club participants. If the customer doesn’t have 500Bz available in his balance, 200Bz will be deducted also if 200Bz is not available then 100Bz will be deducted.

All other notification/call-to-action messages sent to the participants with information on prizes are free of charge.

If the subscriber replies to any of these free messages, they will be charged.

For each correct answer to the question, the participant earns 100 points (“Got Money” Club subscribers would get 200 points).

For each incorrect answer to the question, the participant earns 50 points (“Got Money” Club subscribers would get 100 points).


Service Mechanism:

Invitation messages will be sent in both languages, Arabic and English (English for HiFM – Arabic for Hala FM); participants will be encouraged to send a keyword in Arabic or English that will be communicated to the public via the radio station, to join the trivia competition.

After joining the trivia competition, participants will receive two (2) messages:

– A welcome SMS with information regarding the service, prizes and cost along with an invitation to subscribe to “Got Money” Club; and a second message with a question to start participating in the trivia quiz.

– Any user who sends one of the above-mentioned keywords and joins the “Got Money” Club will receive another welcome SMS with information regarding the subscription benefits, prizes and cost; and a second message with a new question to start collecting extra chances to win the Prizes.

“Got Money” Club

A customer may subscribe to “Got Money” Club by sending a keyword such as YES, SUB, WIN, VIP, OK to the premium short code 91991.

Customers will be charged 500Bz for any SMS sent to the premium short code 91991, except for keywords such as STOP, POINT and HELP, which are free of charge. Every day, subscribed users to the “Got Money” Club will be renewed at 500Bz, will receive a renewal message and bonus points for subscription renewal (in addition to double points for playing the quiz- 200 points for correct answer, and 100 points for each incorrect answer). If the customer doesn’t have 500Bz available in his/her balance, 200Bz will be deducted also if 200Bz is not available then 100Bz will be deducted.

All legal information including price and opt out will be duly communicated to the customers as explained below.

Welcome Text Messages

  • Welcome One Shot:

Welcome to Hi FM “Got Money” Promo!

Daily OMR 100, weekly OMR 300 and monthly OMR 2500 are waiting to be won!

Collect points to WIN!

Subscribe to FM “Got Money” Club and get now 500 Bonus Points! Reply SUB

T&C apply

500Bz/day. Stop? Reply Stop


  • Welcome To Subscription Club:

You have successfully subscribed to Hi FM “Got Money” Club!

You'll now get double points for every SMS sent + credit of extra daily points to increase your chances to WIN loads of CASH!

Start now increasing your chances...

(500Bz/day) Stop? Reply Stop

T&C apply


Collecting points:

Participants will be invited to answer trivia quiz questions to earn points for the prizes. At any time, any participant can send an SMS to the short code to play in the quiz game: “Got Money” Club

At any time, the participant can check his accumulated points by sending the keyword POINTS or نقاط to 91991, free of charge. Other incentives like special keywords will be available and any participant can play.

How to Unsubscribe

Participants who wish to no longer receive any SMS from the Hi & Hala FM “Got Money” Promotion can:

1. SMS “STOP” to the short code 91991 anytime (this is FREE to send).



Daily Prizes – every day except on Weekly and Monthly Prize Day (Draw on the subsequent Day)

The Daily Prize will be given every weekday (except on weekly and the Monthly Prize Day) and the winner will be drawn and announced in the next day). Please note that the Friday and Saturday winners will be announced on the radio (Hi and Hala FM) on Sunday.

One daily prize of OMR 200 (OMR 100 for 1 participant of each radio station) chosen will be given to a winner chosen by a draw.

This draw will consider all records for that specific day from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

The participant’s records consist of entries earn by collecting points (50 points = 1 entry). The more entries, the higher the participant’s chances of winning.


Weekly Prizes – every Saturday (Draw on Sunday)

The weekly Prize will be given on Sunday and the winner will be drawn and announced in the next day on a Radio Live show.

One Weekly prize of OMR 600 (OMR 300 for 1 participant of each radio Station) chosen will be given to a winner chosen by draw.

The Weekly Prizes will be awarded to the participant that is drawn at random from according to the following ticket accumulation period:

  Weekly Prize

Tickets accumulation Period


31-10 to 04-11


05-11 to 11-11


12-11 to 18-11


19-11 to 25-11


26-11 to 02-12


03-12 to 09-12


10-12 to 16-12


17-12 to 23-12


24-12 to 30-12


31-12 to 06-01


07-01 to 13-01


14-01 to 20-01


21-01 to 27-01


28-01 to 03-02


04-02 to 10-02


11-02 to 17-02


18-02 to 24-02


25-02 to 03-03


04-03 to 10-03


11-03 to 17-03


18-03 to 24-03


The weekly prize of 600 OMR will be split across the two radio stations Hi FM and Hala FM with 300 OMR being given away on each.


The participant’s records consist of entries earn by collecting points (50 points = 1 entry). The more entries, the higher the participant’s chances of winning.


Monthly Prizes- once every month (Draw)

The Monthly Prize will be given once per month on specific days and the winner will be drawn and announced in the next day on a Radio Live show.

One monthly prize of OMR 5000 (OMR 2500 for 1 participant of each Radio Station) chosen will be given to a winner chosen by draw.

The Monthly Prizes will be awarded to the participant that is drawn at the following ticket accumulation period:

Monthly Prize

Tickets accumulation Period


31-10 to 29-11


29-11 to 03-01


03-01 to 31-01


31-01 to 28-02


28-02 to 31-03


The prize attributed is exactly as described in the Terms and Conditions.

Draws are done by a computerized system.


Other Terms and Conditions

  • Each participant can win:          
    • Four daily Prizes (OMR 100 in Cash) during all competition
    • Four weekly Prizes (OMR 300 in Cash) during all competition
    • Two Monthly Prize (OMR 2500) during all competition


  • The prizes are non-exchangeable and non-redeemable for cash, credit or any other prizes and other items in part or in whole
  • Winners will be notified by phone call weekdays between 7am and 7pm. A winner is NOT DEEMED to have won unless they answer their phone Both Hi FM and Hala FM will try to contact a number selected before moving to another entry (phone number) picked at random. (whether the entrant's phone rings or not – the radio stations are NOT responsible for making an entrants phone ring nor leaving a voicemail).
  • We reserve the right to withdraw prizes and/or draw reserve winners to substitute any winner subsequently found not to be eligible for this Promotion
  • We make no warranties or representations whatsoever as to the quality of fitness for purpose or any other implied terms or conditions with respect to the prizes
  • We will not be liable or responsible whatsoever in respect of any damages, defects, deficiencies, losses of life, illnesses or injuries sustained from any winner’s utilisation of the prizes
  • Our decisions with regards to the promotion and all draws are final and conclusive and not subject to discussion or review


Place, date, time and order of the prizes:

The creation of a participant’s record for the whole period of the Promotion will start at 00:00:01 hours on the first day of the Promotion and end at 23:59:59 hours on the last day of the Promotion (GMT+4).

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or amend the offer and these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes will be updated online at


During the Promotion:

The points accumulated by each participant will be converted in entries/tickets to attribute into the draw for prizes (each 50 points will attribute 1 entry for the draw).

There are three types of Prizes: Daily, Weekly & Monthly which are detailed above.

The winners will be selected and will be notified by a call from the radio station (either Hi FM or Hala FM) And will also be published on &

In order to win any prize, you MUST answer your phone between 07:00 – 19-00 weekdays (Sunday – Thursday inclusive. (Please note that the Friday* and Saturday winners will be announced on Sunday (*HiFM will announce the Friday winner on the weekly podcast).

Hi FM and Hala FM will notify the winners via phone call to their subscriber number. And will try to contact the winners calling their subscriber number (MSISDN) (whether the phone rings or not – the radio stations are NOT responsible for making an entrants phone ring nor leaving a voicemail) between 7AM and 7 PM (weekdays) If during this period the winner cannot be contacted, Hi FM and Hala FM have the right to contact the relevant substitute winner.


Terms of the prizes:

The winner must appear in person to collect the prize having his/her valid official ID (passport/residents card). Claims for prizes must be made in the manner and within the time specified on the Promotion Notice (period of 30 days maximum). Failure to claim a prize within this time or in the manner specified may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner.

The winners must confirm in writing that they are the legal holder of the winning Ooredoo or Omantel mobile subscriber number and that they are entitled to the prize and shall complete all the necessary documentation provided by the Organizer or its partner.

The winner is responsible for payment of due taxes and collections for the prize under any relevant current legislation.

All prizes will be awarded not more than 30 days after the last day of the promotion. Daily and Weekly prizes will be awarded quicker.

All winners must provide identification documents in order to receive the prize. Prizes may be received by a representative of the winner by proxy upon written confirmation from the winner and with the representative providing the winners ID . The Organizer accepts no responsibility whatsoever for, including without limitation, any error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure when it is not under its direct control and execution.


Availability and accessibility of information and opt-out mechanism:

Each participant can opt-out of the “Got Money” Promotion and stop receiving any information about the Promotion by sending an SMS with keyword “STOP” to the designated short code 91991 for FREE.

After unsubscribing from the service, if the participant chooses to send a new SMS message to the short code, he/she will be again considered as a participant in the Promotion.

Interruption or early termination of the Promotion shall not release the Organizer from its obligation to give out already awarded prizes and execute other actions required, except for the cases when termination or interruption of the Promotion was called by actions or events which are not under the Organizer’s control.