1 Nov - No this is the WORST.

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, November 1st, 2018 - 34 minutes

The new term for something that's definitely happened to you and made you madddddd... Meghan Markle's illegal contract... the WORST robbers in Belgium... what Chinese dish is this?!! The real meaning of Mmmbop... Quasi from Hala did a uni' speech and Robin has presents for him and George... peak pettiness... George's good news... the fight about a wrapper at the symphony... a history lesson about Caesar from George... a girl calls who's got the wrong number... the age you officially become middle aged and the top signs of it... the worst Bridezilla ever... disgusting story about why police had to break up a couple's fight... the new hotel experiment that's a terrible idea... a man did a "Ryland" with some oil and a naked flame... the top things we'd miss if we could travel back in time... BET YOU WISH YOU COULD TRAVEL BACK TO BEFORE YOU STARTED READING THIS EH??? HAHAHAHAHA.