11 Aug - Hi FM's most NOTORIOUS duo are back.

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, August 9th, 2018 - 39 minutes

Secret Government Alien Man is back... Robin sends a message to Quasi from Hala... George does football again - mascot news this time... Robin broadcasts on Hala... a robber was dressed as a pirate and Robin has some TERRIBLE gags about it... shocking Dave Grohl news... George takes her turn broadcasting on Hala... some French rappers RIPPED up an airport... do YOU share a toothbrush??!!.. the woman who received a certain bad word as a temporary password... the new social media tool to limit your usage by time... the mysterious radio waves from space... Steven Seagal's new job... a Sunflower Farm in Canada had some visitor problems... the crazy Ocean's 11 type heist in Sweden... the guys talk about complaining... Khalid calls with random beeping in the background... they try and be slick with an station "read" but of course, it backfires... why was Sparkles making sure the door of the radio station was shut... WHY OH WHY DID YOU READ THE PART THAT NOBODY DOES!!!!???