14 May - The one with the Coronavirus cure!

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, May 14th, 2020 - 43 minutes

Jonny has a great life hack to feel better in lockdown... a criminal was caught by giving away his hiding spot by doing what?... Jonny's lockdown RAGE!!!... Robin and Jonny speculate about the iPhone 12... the cringeworthy things Robin and Jonny did for love when they were younger... Calm Larry doesn't buy his wife flowers (Whattt???)... Jonny's science bit about curing lockdown depression... Jonny's story about a social distancing fail... Earth is closer than ever to a black hole... could there be a cure for Coronavirus?... the most streamed TV shows since lockdown... which film star is set to play Joe Exotic from Tiger King?... someone rings Jonny's doorbell at the start of a bit... Jonny gets a delivery of gas during the show... Calm Larry worries about the class of 2020... Jonny can't stop going on about the freekin' gas man... the guys talk about the All In Challenge... this pandemic could last 2 years... which Tiger King star wanted to be in Justin and Ariana's new music video?... why there will be a need for urine on the moon... the aggressive chicken that harassed people... Elon Musk's baby... Jonny goes on a rant about people who put their seats back in planes... the 5-year-old who got pulled over driving his mum's car... the lockdown feature 'What's That in my House'... what we might have to wear in future when we go to events... Calm Larry bought his friend a gift... how long can we last in lockdown before going crazy? how filthy phone screens really are!... if you didn't hate the Kardashians already, you will after you hear this bit... AND A LITTLE BIT MORE, POSSIBLY.