18 Jan - WARNING this will offend your ears

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, January 17th, 2019 - 37 minutes

Please pay your Netflix bill... Robin was thrown by the first question from a salesman... the woman with a new medical condition... the guy suing Burger King after they offered him free food for life... THE egg chatter... why you should start New Year resolutions on 4th March... weird effects of getting up at 4am... Quasi from Hala and the 'ROP question'... choose your favourite example of petty... signs from Nasa for when the world will end... the angry octopus... man calls up with a routine and the guys give him hell... release stress with this little trick... the great tin foil debate... mum who refused to pay the babysitter... Amazon founder Jeff Bezos divorce chatter... where did witches and wizards go the bathroom before plumbing... new slang terms you'll be using in 2019... a round of 'how the hell does he do it'... the smuggler that got busted when the bulge in his trousers started doing what?!! And lastly, good news! It's over for another week.