19 July - The one with the major crime!!!

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, July 18th, 2019 - 54 minutes

The Swiss air force had a bit of a disaster… Jonny witnessed a crime in the supermarket but was too scared to intervene… a guy phones because he is disappointed with Jonny… the new way to de stress… Calm Larry's tips for having a sense of humour… do you want to see an alien?… Jonny has beef with his mum, so calls her… Robin's secret to success… Jonny’s idea for how to send the show viral… Clarence and Desmond forget their names in Nerd News… someone phones up to comment on an epic radio fail… Robin's pitch test, can you hear it?… Jonny makes Robin wear his glasses and tells the embarrassing story of his first ever pair… Stranger Things chatter… Asma the Hala FM trainee comes in for a chat… a Mariah Carey gag… how to keep track of your child… Jonny has some ideas for a new viral trend… Quasi from Hala FM was getting loads of applause on a video and Robin and Jonny want to know why… Quasi tells the guys why he got lots of applause while giving a speech… the guys have more Nerd News… Jonny’s new hero… Calm Larry’s guide to opening a jar. Wow, riveting material on this weeks podcast eh!!!???