20 July - Hi FM's wonderfully BAD morning show is back... condensed.

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, July 19th, 2018 - 34 minutes

Bruce Willis has said something controversial, George agrees RB doesn't... George had a stand off with a bird... the White House official apology on why a US official looked displeased at a meeting... a guy calls the show about George's stand off with a bird... update on the rescued Thai boys from the cave... some REALLY bad news about the weather... things to do to be an active part of your community... George has a new 'standard' injury... Indiana Jones 5 news... good news if you're afraid of getting injections... a guy calls who ran out of petrol on the new expressway and was saved by an Omani man... George has a second incident... the simple key to having a happier life... Robin's bathroom incident... Robin has to apologise to Quasi from Hala FM... the one legged criminal... turns out dogs lie... things we only pretend to like... the ultimatum that backfired... nightmares are made of this; what a guy woke up to!!! THAT'S IT, THERE'S REALLY NO POINT LISTENING NOW AS YOU KNOW WHAT'S ON IT RIGHT????!!!