21 Sept - Hi FM and the WORST of this weeks morning show.

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, September 20th, 2018 - 38 minutes

Robin had a meeting with the General Manager or Hormuz Grand and OF COURSE there was an incident... George's horrific facebook message... George did a "Ryland" but for once it had a happy ending... the great new exercise trend that lets you watch tv while you run outside... the Russian agents ooooops we mean 'tourists'... there's a new carpet in the studio... the guys call Ray Addison who does the news... taking selfies saved a woman's life... Robin tries to apologise to Quasi from Hala but it goes a bit wrong... why Post Malone is having such bad luck at the moment... they've already found a fault with the new studio carpet... the romantic marriage proposal with a kicker of an ending... wardrobe related mental conditions... a horrifying discovery about Tom Cruise... a woman was charged with murder and all the signs were there... Quasi from Hala is in a bad mood... a guy calls who is definitely not in a bad mood... a pregnant model gives birth... get a six pack and save your life... if you're still reading then you are in desperate need of a hobby, may we recommend knitting like Chris Birks does (he's on at 4pm weekdays y'know just in case you care!!!)