26 April - The one with Dik

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, April 25th, 2019 - 37 minutes

Jonny has new morning routines since Robin was off... an Earth Day quiz, but first it needs to be printed!!! (????)... Salah calls and slags off Jonny... 71% of people say their morning commute is what??.. what is causing worse turbulance on flights... Jonny has beef with with a school girl... Jonny's story about Dik... the guys have a new feature, Calm Larry... can you tell if your partner is having an affair??... how an 82 year old woman made her neighbour's lives hell... how much "me time" we get... Robin and Jonny have Old Rocker Gags, and more Calm Larry... Kodak Black's Sat' Nav' got him in a whole load of trouble... Robin's crap Walking Dead gag... someone calls in for no reason at all... a newly proposed Scottish law... Robin does quality control and makes sure Chris Birks comes through for a listener... Beyonce has new stuff out... Calm Larry has advice for keeping cool... Jonny makes Robin sick with what he did with his milk... Cyber Security Tips... AND THERE'S NO MORE, JUST LISTEN TO THE DAMN THING WOULD YA????