26 July - The one with the traumatic moth story.

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, July 25th, 2019 - 47 minutes

Jonny has beef with Robin about their night out… Robin has exclusive, never before heard audio from the moon landing 50 years ago… Jonny's story about when he was a children's entertainer... the world record for sitting on the toilet… the new smart nappy… the new Cats trailer… Nerd News for your ears… bad news for New Zealand… were the moon landings faked?… some people call who don't believe we landed on the moon… Jonny has a traumatic story about moths… Robin and Jonny play Make Up or Made Up… where did the drug smuggler try to hide his drugs?… ways to de-stress… Calm Larry’s advice for dinner parties… Robin wants to know, do you smile at a funeral?… people call up to give their opinion on if you smile at a funeral… a woman was freaked out by chalk markings outside her house… what children want to be when they grow up... Calm Larry’s guide to getting into shape… Saba from Omran comes in to give Jonny beef about his first day… good news about a guy who sort of saved his mummy from a fire… how the chess grand master got caught cheating. ANDDDD THAT'S YER LOT! TURN ME OVER I'M DONE.