26 March -The lockdown Coronavirus edition

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, March 26th, 2020 - 44 minutes

Robin needed to cough in public!!!… songs that need changing to comply with social distancing… Jonny had a strange experience with a woman in a lift… 24th of March was a special day for Jonny… why Robin lost it in Carrefour and a lovely song about a virus in a tree... the guys do text fun with what is your Coronavirus gift card greeting?... Calm Larry hates stupid questions… 30 percent of people's days are ruined by this… Jonny has some presents for Robin for his birthday… would Jonny still shake the CEO's hand… someone has a very special birthday message for Robin… Jonny has some alternative greetings to shaking hands… why you haven't got many TikTok followers… since you started self isolating is your house messier, cleaner or the same as it used to be?… the answers to Robins poll... Robin has some good news surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak… the Friends reunion being delayed could cause problems… Jonny took a taxi… how many times a week do women get "mansplained" to?... more good news coming out around the Coronavirus outbreak… Robin gets serious about the Coronavirus! AND MAYBE SOME MORE... WHO FREEKIN KNOWS? WHO FREEKIN READS THIS FAR DOWN ANYWAY??? EMAIL IF YOU DO ROBIN@HIFMRADIO.COM OH GO ON JUST TO PROVE THAT AT LEAST ONE PERSON DOES!!!???