30 Nov - Hi FM's Banks & Ryland on the M.I.C

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, November 29th, 2018 - 35 minutes

Have you got "Selfitis"?!! Robin made a HUGE fuss over 40 baisa... he really can't let this baisa thing go... the most annoying things people do when messaging... the Polish whip round on a plane... is Justin Bieber giving up music?! The guy who was arrested for money laundering when police found 400k where in his house??... the fat dog... guy lost his wallet and got it back with something extra... Robin screws up on Facebook... George has stats... what makes a toy a toy?... should we do a 4 day week?... the small things that make us happy... George has an Xmas movie recommendation... can men be too good looking or too smart to date?!! Harsh sentence for the woman who lied on her C.V... was the Taylor Swift in a suitcase rumour true??... George is actually doing her Xmas shopping DURING the show... WHY DON'T YOU GO LOOK IN THE FRIDGE AGAIN THAT MUST BE MORE INTERESTING THAN THIS????