4 June - The one where Jonny gets stopped by the police!

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, June 4th, 2020 - 46 minutes

The best little "Life Wins"... the guys get exclusive audio from the new series of Shark Tank, which was filmed outside (it's a REAL bit, HONEST!!!)... Disney parks are reopening... Coronavirus insanity... Jonny has a game, 'Romance or No-mance'... Calm Larry consoles his briefcase (????)... what new things have you tried since lockdown began?... the guys talk about picky eaters... Jonny tells a story and it breaks Robin... Jonny gets in trouble with the ROP... what happens when the in-laws try to move in next door... Robin has a quiz about June... the industry that is going to see a boom when shops reopen... how many times has Pamela Anderson got married??... Rihanna has been recording music for 15 years!... Wuhan in China has banned the eating of wild animals... Taylor Swift has hit out at Donald Trump... Robin wants to tell you about a big problem with working from home... Jonny thought someone else was recording in his home studio (cupboard)... "Forbes" has revoked Kylie Jenner's 'billionaire' status... Calm Larry has some calming words for everyone upset that they can't go on holiday this year... what is celebrating its 60th anniversary... what has been banned on rollercoasters in Japan... the guys play a game; 'Jobbins or Bobbins'... Morgan Freeman's 3 best post-apocalyptic survival tips... binge-watching is saving us from depression... the guys play the lockdown games 'What's That in my House'... AND MAYBE SOME MORE LAME BITS, DUNNO REALLY AND IT'S 01:38AM AND I'M WRITING THIS!!! ZZZZZzzzzzzz