5 April - Another completely sexy podcast from these 2 losers.

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 - 34 minutes

Jonny had race to find his car before his chicken defrosted (WHAT!!!?)... the guys debate the Avengers movies... Quasi from Hala gives Jonny a dishdasha... Quasi comments on Jonny’s dishdasha... Jonny loses it during Robin’s story about children vomiting... Jonny has to leave to record a celebrity... David Attenborough records a special message for Hi FM... Boring Mehrez calls with abuse… Jonny gives Robin a birthday card from his parents... are attractive people more or less likely to get a job than unattractive people?... Jonny has an hilarious pun... someone calls about Jonnys hilari-ASS pun... the latest politically incorrect term you must stop saying... Jonny had a terrifying dream about Michael McIntyre... is it okay for your boss to send you a message with “LOL” in it... Nicolas Cage annulled his marriage, but why?... Jonny has questions for Michael McIntyre when he comes… there’s a new toilet seat for checking your heart rate... Jonny wants to change his name on social media... the excuse a man used when police found drugs in his socks... Jonny has a quiz, but it sounds like it’s just a promotion for where he is staying (OASIS RESIDENCES IN MUSCAT WITH GREAT SERVICE AND EVEN BETTER RATES)!