7 Dec - It's beginning to feel a lot like RUBBISH

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, December 6th, 2018 - 41 minutes

The woman charging her family for Xmas dinner... an airline employee mocks a 5 year old's name... Michael McIntyre is coming to Oman... the top 5 highest earning TV hosts of 2018... something George has never thought of but Robin has been asked to be this year... the guys deal with a complaint regarding Chris Birks... how long does it take to pass Lego if you swallow it... George's 'amazing' joke... Bounty chocolate bar chatter... George doesn't like Alexa or other listening devices... George has a birthday request Robin finds hilarious... will Robin get the right excuses for these situations?!! The man who declared himself a terrorist... more from funnyman Michael McIntyre... George's Xmas movie review... Snoop Dogg gives thanks to one person... the MASSIVE COW and the hang glider who wasn't strapped on... the creator of SpongeBob died and guys have never seen it but talk about it anyway... the top places parents are hiding presents... IF YOU FELL ASLEEP A WHILE AGO, IT'S OK TO WAKE UP NOW. IT'S OVER.