9 Jan - New and much worse for 2019

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 - 31 minutes

They're back and already moaning about the new TV in the studio... Robin's VERY un pc gags about a one armed man who robbed a shop... the crazy story about what a father wants to name his child... Quasi from Hala wants to swap studios... first two weeks of January are the best time to find what?!! Men who take a lot of selfies... the word of the year... what would George do if she went to prison... the key to getting a second date... who cries more often, women or men... George's first stupid criminal of the year... she saved for that car... George had a very strange dream... the guys review Birdbox... guy who tried to kidnap a woman... George's best Twitter notifications... a fantastic offer for you if you're pregnant... how to tell if someone fancies you... Julia Roberts' and that's when I knew I was famous story... Fortnite chatter... well, at least we didn't promise they'd be any better in 2019 eh?!