9 Nov - Robin Banks and George Ryland - This one has CHRISTMAS SONGS!!!

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Sunday, November 11th, 2018 - 37 minutes

It's official baby, Bad Boys is back... the new what's app feature so you can errrr keep that surprise party from your wife... there's one of these in your workplace... how long does it take Uncle Nuno to mention his new awards?!! Quasi from Hala and they the Hi studio is better than theirs... were your parents as strict as everybody else's... the website to find out if someone died in a house... top tips on finding a husband... listening to what is bad for your mental health... good grief they're playing Christmas songs... why a man cut off his OWN arm... should they play more Christmas songs?!! How Sharon got Ozzy to admit he'd been cheating... the woman who is scared of frightening off her fiance... have you ever sung out loud in a car?!! The man from Kazakhstan who dies but then... celebs digitally preserving themselves... DON'T ruin the end of books or tv shows... why don't you find a book or a tv show if you're still reading this, surely there's something better you could be doing??!!