Sept 28 - How can Hi FM Oman be so big with these two?

Robin Banks & The Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, September 27th, 2018 - 43 minutes

Amazon are now going to stalk you... the guys try to give away their work colleagues stuff... Robin got caught cheating... Chris Birks hijacked a listener... George stole from The Chedi and has some fashion tips for Robin... the guys call Tea Paul about the presents he is getting them... a guy hires a Mariachi band for his proposal and it goes horribly wrong... Cathay Pacific - you had one job... do NOT listen to this bit while eating... the guys call Secret Government Alien Man and arrange a meet up... George's tipping experience at the petrol station... the guy who spent 7 weeks adrift at sea... new footwear fashion... the nice story about the guy who sold his car to pay for his wife's cancer treatment... the guys call someone back and it gets confusing... the REAL reason your friends are so tight when the bill comes... a woman calls with a love song... the yoga and Buddhism professor who got arrested... Trump and his recommendation for Spain... we've heard Netflix added some new programmes, surely that gives you something decent to spend your time on instead of reading all this??!