Rachel Chew

Rachel can be described very easily; LOUD! 

Her laugh is unmistakable and she once got kicked out of science class at school for talking too much, so it makes sense that she now does it for a living. She moved here in September 2019 and has already crashed her car three times, despite that she is the one getting you home weekdays 4-7pm. 

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Bits from the show:

Wednesday, 2nd December:


#stitch with @tori.ralston Girl a what??? I ain’t got the time

♬ original sound - Kelz Washington

Does anyone else want to buy a bagel purely so you can ask for a 'bagle' in the shop?

Tuesday, 1st November:


Thanksgiving with singing families be like... 🤣🎤#givingthanks #sing #fyp #viral #thanksgiving #badromance inspired by - @theshanebennett 🦃

♬ original sound - SharpeFamilySingers

Imagine living next door to this family!!!

Monday, 30th November:

Definitely a robot... 

Sunday, 29th November:


I’ve been playing nintendo since I was his age and not once did I think of looking it up 😢😂 #liam #kate #nintendo #fyp #foryourpage #genius

♬ original sound - user2894424236696 - liamandkate

We have just been schooled by a child!

Thursday, 26th November:


Reply to @tigervibe sooo I cried for a bit and he felt insanely bad but it was fine because we ended up partying until 8 am with our best friends

♬ original sound - The Gaudettes

Keep the dancing to the professionals!!! 

Wednesday, 25th November:

Sorry I was five minutes late for the scheduled giggles!

Tuesday, 24th November:


It’s harder than it looks 😂 @asaladabke Reply to @vinuuu.k #behindthescenes #watermelonsugar #harrystyles #fyp #zaffe #viral #goviral

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

Imagine being his neighbours...

Monday, 23rd November:


#HarryStyles loves his berries! 🍓🍓 @hshq Inspo: @aj.goldie #deepfake #watermelonsugar

♬ original sound - nick

You will never look at strawberries in the same away again!

Sunday, 22nd November:


stan billie always ❤️ #fyp

♬ Original Sound - Unknown

Don 't worry Billie your job is safe!

Thursday, 19th November:


Happiness is contagious happy Friday💐😄 #fyp #foryoupage #flowerdave #smile #happiness #happy #catchhappiness #kind

♬ original sound - Random Happiness

The way he says "have a great day" sounds so creepy!

Wednesday, 18th November:


#stitch with @theocanread it do be like that tho #pakistan #desi #dad #brown

♬ original sound - Mr. Never Call Again

His smile when he tells the story, priceless!

Tuesday, 17th November:

Did we really need a film about this?

Monday, 16th November:


Reply to @stephaniehernon

♬ original sound - Jack McCann

Guilty of saying he does sound like Niall Horan!

Sunday, 15th November:

This is Scott the dog... Not the most conventional name... The dog groomer accidentally chopped off some of his tongue!

Thursday 29th October:

Creepy but a great game... Siblings or dating?

Wednesday, 28th October:


My father heard about this #pottahchallenge #dracotok #wherespottah?

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

When you for a second think they're actually related... Just on-screen family... Checks Google one more time!

Tuesday, 27th October:


mid-2000s demi is iconic and i hope i did her some justice! #demilovato #fyp #foryou #impressions #singingimpressions #disneychannel

♬ demi lovato impression - user5012259196453

Demi is that you???

Monday, 26th October:

Anyone else getting triggered by the eating?

Sunday, 25th October:


Still one of my best videos. Last time I’m posting. I swear 🥺 #brunomars #gunsnroses #xyzbca #foryoupage #foryou #4u #viral

♬ Marry You - Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars never sounded so cool!

Thursday, 22nd October:


why my shorts so short tho..... #fyp

♬ Charlie Puth Me and U - Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth once again showing us how talented he is!

Wednesday, 21st October:

Hands up who thought this was a real rat at first!

Tuesday, 20th October:

You will be saying 'bend and snap' for the next week now!

Monday, 19th October:

Think how sweaty this would be in the desert!

Sunday, 18th October:

That's a lot of combs!

Thursday, 15th October:

Don't leave hair removal cream in reach of children, EVER!

Wednesday, 14th October:


POV: Your teacher is stressed 😫 #fyp #foryou #relatable #school #schoollife #students #teachers #studentlife #teacherlife

♬ AK47 Tik Tok - Pr!d3

This is all teachers will be saying in November!

Tuesday, 13th October:

When you thought you were having a bad day and then you saw this!

Monday, 12th October:

The support group we all need during the pandemic!!!

Sunday, 11th October:

Maybe the best Twitter account ever?

Thursday, 8th October:

Just in case you wanted to hear The Draco Malfoy song again...

Wednesday, 7th October:

When you realise you have a lot in common with Donald Trump; both dye hair, both had Coronavirus and both know nothing about science... You can't be immune if you have the virus! 

Tuesday, 6th October:



this is a subtweet at @giorgiohofmann ❤️ #voicenotes

♬ A Moment Apart - ODESZA - Hannah Stater (she/her)

This girl couldn't be more wrong!

Monday, 5th October:

Nothing to see here just sat on the floor taking photos of Robin's dog instead of taking to him!

Sunday, 4th October:


use this sound if u relate🙄 insta- the202band #tiktok #fyp #foryou #singing #2020 #madatdisney

♬ original sound - the202band

Three guys you wouldn't invite to a party!

Tuesday, 29th September:

Clearly, these lad's are in REALLY happy marriages, hence spreading the joy and well wishes!

Monday, 28th September:

NEVER let Michael join the group chat, ever!

Sunday, 27th September:


And that’s on ✨enunciation✨ #heygod #angel #karen #kevin #dontbeakaren #bekind #caring #pumpkinseason #boostyourmood IB: @lizemopetey

♬ original sound - Julie Birke

Karen really is the gift that keeps giving!

Thursday, 23rd September:


Be happy Zaffe Remix w/@asaladabke. Reposting cause @dixiedamelio didn’t notice yet #dixiedamelio #behappy

♬ Be happy Arab Zaffe Mix by Saif Shawaf X Asala - Saif

Play this next time you're in a bad mood!

Wednesday, 22nd September:


love, the cooke fam 😂😷 #honestlyidk #carolbaskin #carolmaskin @thejenncooke

♬ original sound - Ashley Cooke

Just in case you forgot, WEAR A MASK! 

Monday, 21st September:

The UK's Health Secretary showed of his oldest side, what a guy!

Sunday, 20th September:

Just when you feel The Rock is just like all if us, he rips off a gate...

Thursday, 17th September:

Maybe the best advert ever?

Wednesday, 16th September:


Please wear a mask 😬 #fypシ #foryoupage #coronavirus #covid #2020 #Entrepreneur #2020worstyearever #fyp

♬ original sound - Rachel Thomas

Yep, very guilty of saying most of these phrases in 2020!

Tuesday, 15th September:


WHY ARE THEY HIDING THE TRUTH #onedirection #directioner #niallhoran #onedirectionreunion #fyp

♬ The Names of the Fallen - Matriarchs

Turns there are Directioners just as passionate as me!

Monday, 14th September:

Just when you thought you couldn't love Lewis Capaldi anymore he creates this!

Sunday, 13th September:

Can Thor always do the weather please?

Wednesday, 9th September:

Lewis Capaldi is an absolute lad! Who is going to buy a T-Shirt after watching this clip from 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'? 

Tuesday, 8th September:

When you have no self control and will even eat butter with the wrapper on!!!

Sunday, 6th September:

Disney Singalong: NETTA | Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Betcha've never heard "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" performed like THIS before! 🤩 Rock on, Netta Barzilai נטע ברזילי. We're OBSESSED. #DisneySingalong 🤘

Posted by Walt Disney Records on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Play this to anyone says you're too old for Disney!

Thursday, 3rd September:

If yu're feeling down about the airports still being closed, this video should make you feel grateful for the gorgeous weather we get here in Oman! 

Wednesday, 2nd September:

This old clip from a home improvement programme has started recirculating and people can't get enough of this guy's reaction. Safe to say he is NOT a fan of the bedroom! 

Tuesday, 1st September:


Make this go viral, y’all #grandparentsoftiktok #mcdonalds #fyp #decadechallenge #foryou #happymeal

♬ original sound - aly.sherb

Who would keep this in their cupboard???

Sunday, 30th August:

Who needs dentists when you have friends like this? Nahhh I will stick to the dentist thanks! 

Thursday, 27th August:

Some people are dressing up their washing machines... This is not even a joke! (Photo Credit: Wish)

Wednesday, 26th August:


Idk who needs to hear this but I’m never working from the office again. #fyp #work #workfromhome #gay #pandemic #foryoupage

♬ original sound - Michael

Not everyone is keen on going back to the office... But don't do this!!!

Tuesday, 25th August:



♬ original sound - Freyaxxx

I wish my family was this nice...

Monday, 24th August:

The reason why I did a seal impression on-air... I haven't lost it, yet!

Sunday, 23rd August:


Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep through Corona?! Wake us up when it’s all over please #bakingyouhappy #fergusonplarre #lockdowntiktok #wham #makemehappy

♬ Lyrics by StevieRayPlarre KaraokeUK backing - Steve Plarre

I am loving this man's singing Tik Toks, don't worry I won't sing along!