12-year-old girl shocks P!nk with rendition of 'Perfect'

P!nk is such an awesome women and inspires younger girls to be themselves and always keep rockin'. She also seems like the type of person who would stop a performance to show off someone who's talent should be shared... and that's what she did this past weekend!

During her "Beautiful Trama Tour" in Vancouver, May 12th, she stopped her show to talk to Victoria Anthony, a 12-year-old that was part of a social media campaign and the viral hashtag #VicAndPink which allowed her to be noticed by the pop star. 

Take a look: 

P!nk asked Victoria if she wanted to sing something and then handed her the mic to hear her performance of 'Perfect'. From the looks of it, P!nk was in awe and a little emotional. Can we blame her? This girl was amazing!