5 products that will keep you cool

We can all feel it. Summer is here in Oman!! Temperatures are getting back up over 40oc this weekend.

Here at Hi FM, we can save you... Here are 5 products we need in our lives to keep us cooler!

1 - The aerial spray

Hang this up in your garden, connect it to your hosepipe and you have a misting system!

This will actually cool the area by up to 20 degrees. Ideal!

2 - The phone fan

These are becoming popular this year! Get a hand held fan that is powered by your phone!

If Snapchat isn't using enough of your battery life, this probably will.

3 - Under the sheets AC


Put it at the end of your bed and drape your bed covers over the top...

It will provide you with a lovely bit of cool air whilst your sleeping.

4 - The pillow ice pack

Yes, it might be a little bit uncomfortable to rest your head upon...

However, you do get that feeling of 'the cold side of the pillow' all night!

5 - Slush mugs

The ultimate Oman summer cure!

These mugs will turn any drink you put into them into slush!

A frozen Vimto sounds amazing.


Image credits - Amazon