A Friends reunion is happening!

Instagram had Friends fans VERY excited yesterday when their favourite actors broke the news that the cast are getting back together. 

The Friends cast are reuniting 16 years after the series finished.

Each cast member posted the below picture at the same time on their Instagram to celebrate the HBO special!

The reunion will air in May, with all six original cast members making an appearance. It will be unscripted and filmed in Stager 24 at Warner Brothers Studios, where the shown was originally filmed. The show's creators David Crane and Martha Kauffman are rumoured to also feature on screen. 

The show is still watched by millions across the world on Netflix, despite the show finishing sixteen years ago. In many interviews Jennifer Anniston, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Courtney Cox all get asked if a reunion would ever happen and we are so gad that finally the answer is yes!