The Al Bustan is going through some changes!

The Al Bustan Palace will be going through some major changes in 2017, from March all the way until November; some rooms will be unavailable to book as they will be getting a makeover! 

Though the hotel will not be closing, rooms will be completely unavailable to book from May 1st to the end of September. On their website, they have added a statement saying: "May 1 to September 30, 2017: The hotel is enhancing the guest experience in all of the rooms during this period. Guests and visitors can enjoy the pool, garden and beach facilities as well as the restaurants."

From March 1st to April 30th, some rooms will be available, so if you're planning a little getaway, you'll need to book in advance before they're all completely gone, the same applies to October 1st to November 30th, 2017. 

Just remember, the hotel will not be closed, so if you're looking for a pool day or dinner at a fancy restaurant, The Al Bustan Palace will absolutely still deliver!