Black History Month

Wakanda Forever Month or in other words, Black History Month is coming to an end.

February is all about black excellence, celebrating black heroes and heroines who paved the way for the black success witnessed in various disciplines today. This month is celebrated across the US, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Canada. Black excellence is the coined term for a person who is black and represents all the qualities that uplifts and honors the black community. Throughout February #BlackExellence is the most used hashtag on social media, ever heard of black twitter?

You will thank us afterwards, so you're welcome in advance. 

One proud mama is going viral for having one of the cutest, yet empowering feed on Instagram. Sasha Bonner, also known as @motherofriley_ on Instagram is still in shock at the amount of attention she is getting, after uploading a picture everyday of her 2-year-old Riley, dressed up as a famous black woman, throughout black history month. 

Reily as the legendary TV host and owner of OWN Network, Oprah Winfrey 

“I want Reilly to have a strong foundation so that she knows she can be anything” Bonner said to NBC's Today show, when asked about the reason behind the idea, she also explained that as she was growing up, black successful women weren’t really celebrated on multiple media channels. Warning scrolling down might cause a case of severe cuteness overdose.  

Every princess is a Queen at heart, Reily as the Queen Beyoncé  

Reily as American politician, lawyer and novelist, Stacey Yvonne Abrams

A future athlete? Why not, Reily as Serena Williams