Camila Cabello opened up about anxiety and OCD

Camila Cabello may be rich and famous, but the 'Havana' singer has some of the same problems you do. 

The former Fifth Harmony singer has admitted she struggles with anxiety and OCD. So severe that it caused chronic headaches and she couldn't sleep.

Camila shared her struggle in honor of Mental Health Month in America.  She said, quote, "My body went through what felt like multiple roller-coaster rides every day.  I kept going and kept showing up, never letting people around me know how much I was really struggling.

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it’s international women’s day and i wanna share some of the women who have made a huge difference in my life this year - @oprah you’ve unknowingly helped me so much on my journey in the last few years - (watch her commencement address at Spellman college in 2012- it changed my life forever) the lessons you’ve learned plus the knowledge you share through your super soul Sunday podcast, giving us all access to thought leaders that can teach us how to be better and more conscious has changed my life. plus I started a gratitude journal this year! @brenebrown changed me forever when I heard her ted talk on the power of vulnerability and watched her Netflix special “The call To Courage”- “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weaknesses.”. @elizabeth_gilbert_writer I’ve always related to you so much and hearing your masterclass on “Creative Living Beyond Fear” and your relationship with fear this year really spoke to me in a pivotal way! @michelleobama and her perspective of finding your walk, of constantly becoming, and reminding me we’re not supposed to know what exactly our walk is during our 20’s, but just doing your best and making people feel seen along the way is enough, @tarabrach her book radical compassion is about the practice of dealing with difficult emotions with self compassion and it’s literally changing my life, her practice of RAIN really has helped me navigate my anxiety and is helping people self heal everywhere, @tamaralevitt the head of mindfulness and meditation at Calm, your guided meditations and masterclass on Gratitude have helped me so much in the last year, you are changing and training minds everywhere. And of course my mom, whose shown me what it means to love someone. You love me and the people around you selflessly, fiercely, and unconditionally, and I think that’s the best superpower a human can have. Thank you to all the women in the world that inspire us all to grow ❤️

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"But you probably felt my distance on some level. All my loved ones did."

For a while, she was too ashamed to talk about it.  Quote, "I didn't want the people who thought I was strong and capable and confident . . . to find out that I felt weak."

She ended up getting professional help, which included cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, and breath work.  She also had to learn self-love, self-compassion, and self-awareness.

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love u

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Now she says she's the healthiest she's ever been and rarely suffers from OCD symptoms. 

See even when you're an international pop star with teen heartthrob Shawn Mendes by your side you can still have problems.