Check out Instagram's latest update

Instagram has been having so many amazing updates lately! The latest allows you to add music to your story, and it's pretty simple to use too.

1. Record a video on story
2. Tap smiley face icon (top right corner, where you'd normally go to get GIFS or stickers). There you should see a music icon (by the GIF, hashtag, poll icons)
3. Click "music" button then you'll have access to a library of TONS of songs
4. You can search by song, browse by mood or genre and even see what's popular. The best part is you won't be stuck with the intro you can fast forward to your favourite part of the song

The cool part is you also have the option to pick your song before recording the video for the story! You should see new "music" option under the camera's record button. There search for a song then record the vid while the song plays in the background!

We LOVE how easy it is now to integrate music with Insta. Make sure you update your app ASAP!