Ed Sheeran's puppet is taking over!

Singers must get so tired of doing press interviews to promote things like their new album or video. After a while the majority of them would rather have stand-ins to help them out sometimes. 

That's exactly what Ed Sheeran did!

Instead of talking about his new video for single "Happier," Ed Sheeran had his puppet take on the task. Puppet Ed is no stranger to the limelight as he appeared in Ed Sheeran's 2014 video for "Sing" with Pharrell. So it's safe to say that this interview was a breeze.

Puppet Ed talks about the how single "Happier" came to be as well as gave some exclusive behind the scenes info about the video shoot. Check out Puppet Ed Sheeran hilarious debut interview below as well as watch him in human Ed Sheeran's video "Happier."