Game of Thrones Finale - huge spoilers!

After 73 episodes, millions of dollars, the death of countless characters, and the destruction of most of Kings’ Landing, Game of Thrones is over.

The final episode was always going to be pretty controversial because so many people had their own preferred ending, and the way it all ended has of course got the internet divided. So, before we carry on let's just make it perfectly clear...


Essentially, we need a new ruler of the seven kingdoms and instead of everyone fighting it out to the death, democracy is born and everyone votes for their preferred leader. That's how we end up with the most unlikely character taking their place on the Iron Throne - kind of.  

Let's take a look at the main characters and talk you through what happens to them:


It becomes clear that she's gone a bit mad. Her close circle decide that for the good of the seven kingdoms, she needs to be stopped. John goes to see her in the throne room to talk to her, give her a kiss and eventually stab her! Drogon then melts the Iron Throne and flies off with Dany's corpse. The Mother of Dragons is dead.



Once he's done killing the Queen / his Auntie, he's arrested and thrown in prison.  In the end, Jon gets sent to the Night’s Watch, even though all the zombies are dead and it is the place all his friends stabbed him to death there and everything, but still.



Becomes Queen of the North - we all saw that one coming right? Good. She declares the North to be independent and that means that there's now only SIX kingdoms for the new ruler to lead. 



After the new ruler of the seven kingdoms is revealed (keep scrolling), Arya decides she isn't heading back North with Queen Sansa and instead wants to see "what's west of Westeros". The last we see her is on a ship heading to uncharted territory. It's like a really old version of a gap year. 



Spends most of the episode walking around Kings' Landing looking all sad, especially when he finds the bodies of siblings Cersei and Jaime. He tells Dany he can't be her Hand anymore before being thrown in prison. In the end he's the one who tells everyone to choose a new leader and Samwell suggests they should be voted for, everyone laughs but then end up agreeing he was right. Tyrion nominates his preferred candidate who ends up winning and being crowned King. That person is...


All hail the new King of the Seven Six Kingdoms. Thanks Sansa! Bran the Broken, the three-eyed Raven is named King. Long story short; a man who knew nothing helped the boy who did nothing become king.