Are you up for the challenge?

Do you think you can post a photo a day?

How does an Instagram Challenge work?

So here's the thing. We've come up with 30 themes. One a day.

Save the theme picture to your phone or re post it to your own personal Instagram page so you have it on hand. Check it daily and then post your photo each day using the #hifmradio

Then what?

Each day we'll choose our favourite photos from the daily theme and we'll post to our Instagram feed.

YES, your photo could feature on our Instagram feed. Cool hey?

So whether you're a budding photographer who wants to get their work seen or just someone who loves Instagram and enjoys taking pictures on their phone. 

Get involved and see if you can post a photo a day.

So here's the daily themes:

1. EID.

Share your fabulous EID photos with us. Let us see your special moments.

2. Colour of the day.

Share a photo with a colour theme or an item that's colourful. 

3. A drink that I like.

What's your favourite drink? Maybe you like to start your day with a cup of Karak or a coffee.

Do you have a special mug at work? Share it with us today!

4. What I like to eat.

What's the item of food that you just love to eat? Is there a recipe that you think we should know about? Share! 

5. Quote of the day.

Share a quote that makes you smile or that sums up your day.

6. I love...

What do you love? This could be a person or an animal or a place, whatever! Let us know what you love... 

7. Get Outdoors.

Grab a photo on the beach or when you're out and about with friends. Remember to use #hifmradio

8. Flower Power.

There are some beautiful flowers in bloom across Oman. Spot ones that you like and share a pretty picture with us! 

9. Dance Moves.

This is just for fun. Share your favourite dance move or pose.

10. Laughter.

Share a selfie or something that makes you laugh lots.

11. Patterns.

Search out a gorgeous pattern. Snap a picture and share using the #hifmradio

12. My Tuesday.

Where are you? What are you doing? Share your Tuesday photos. 

13. Looking up.

We never look up do we? Look up from where you are standing and take a picture.

14. In the Morning.

How do you start your day? Share it with a photo use #hifmradio

15. Smile.

Smile and the world smiles with you! Maybe take a selfie or take a photo with your friends... but remember SMILE!

16. Glitter & Sparkle.

Find the sparkliest thing that you can find and take a photo of it.

17. Dinner.

Whether you are eating at home or eating out. Share a photo of your food! 

18. Starts with A

Find something that starts with A and take a great photo of it.

19. Balloon.

Can you find a balloon to photograph?

20. Evening Sky.

Does the sky look beautiful this evening? Take a photo and share using the #hifmradio

21. Music.

What song are you loving right now? 

22. Mirror.

This could be a selfie in the mirror or a mirror that you think looks great. Be creative! Remember to use #hifmradio

23. Lift Selfie.

We are all in lifts at some time in the day. Grab a quick selfie using the lift mirror before the lift doors open! Can you do it?

24. Looking Down.

This time look down what do you see. Anything pretty to photograph?

25. Coffee

If you start your day with a coffee, take a photo and share.

26. Something Purple.

When you are out and about today look for something purple and take a picture. Share with us again using #hifmradio.

27. What I wore.

Share what you are wearing today or maybe you wore a special outfit for a Wedding or your Birthday? We'd love to see so upload the photo to Instagram and use the #hifmradio tag.

28. The view.

What's your view today? 

29. Happy

What makes you happy? Share a happy photo.

30. Autumn

Autumn in Oman. What is Autumn in Oman to you? Share your great Autumn themed photos with us today using the #hifmradio.