Fortnite's High Stakes event pushed back!

Due to the discovery of a critical controller issue, the release of Fortnite's High Stakes event and the v5.40 update has been pushed back to Friday, September 7th.

High Stakes was first announced by Epic last week and will feature its own set of challenges and skins. Also, Epic is introducing a new limited-time mode called Getaway; this will completely change the game. The objective is to locate four safes that have been dropped around the item, extract the valuables inside, and safely reach the extraction zone.

Epic says the v5.40 patch will "provide a little more dynamic gameplay." Season 5 of Fortnite has almost come to an end and will finish later this month.


Epic has already started teasing us as recently a giant lightning bolt emerged from the rift in the sky and when it struck it left a purple cube in its wake. Players have eagerly been watching the purple cube and have since noticed the cube movi ng toward an unknown destination on the map.

We can't wait to see what's next for Fortnite!