RIP Hoverboards...say hello to e-skates!

It’s summer and we're starting to see people rolling around Muscat on those hoverboards again. But the self-balancing gadgets aren’t anywhere near as everywhere as they were a year or two ago. They’re getting boring, and maybe it’s time for something new: something like self-balancing roller skates? Yup...not kidding!

Segway announced that it’s working on a pair of “e-skates” called the Drift W1. It looks like you just step on top of the Drift W1 with each foot, balance on them without being strapped on in any way, and then lean to start moving. It makes sense that you wouldn’t be hooked in — just in case you have to leap for safety if something goes wrong — but managing two independent self-balancing objects seems like it could be a bit harder to get the hang of than just jumping on a big wide hoverboard.

Will people actually use these? Who knows...