Instagram adds a new feature for stories

You know how sometimes you post things on Instagram that are only meant to be seen by your closest friends? Well, now the app allows you to post to just a select group of friends with "Close Friends" tab. 


Instagram Launches 'Close Friends' List for Sharing Stories #FACTS NOV. 30, 2018 - Instagram today announced the launch of a new Stories feature called " #CloseFriends " that allows you to share stories with a select group of people rather than all your followers The feature works through follower suggestions based on who you interact with most, or via a contact search, from which you can then build the list for sharing Stories with fewer people You can find the list by going to your #Instagram profile and tapping Close Friends in the side menu. When you go to share a Story, a new option appears to share it with only the people on your close #friendslist It's worth noting that Close Friends is a private list, so other users can't see it in your profile or request to be added to it, so you can switch up your selection at any time without the risk of retaliatory unfriending The only indication that your part of someone's Close Friends list is that you'll see a green badge when viewing stories shared to the list. There's also a green ring around the user's profile in the Stories tray As #TechCrunch notes, the feature plays on the idea of "Finstagrams," or fake Instagram accounts that teens sometimes create to share posts to select friends without having to worry about about being judged by their wider peer group This latest addition to the Facebook-owned photo-based social network comes at a time when more and more people are moving from Facebook, which has come in for sustained criticism for its poor user privacy safeguards as well as a perceived lack of effort to protect user data, combat social media addiction, and prevent the spread of fake news Close Friends is rolling out globally today on the latest version of the Instagram app for iOS #MIXYNEWS #FOODNINFO #USWEEKLY #OKMAGAZINE #PEOPLEMAGAZINE #tekashi69 #charlamagnethagod #djakademiks #THEBREAKFASTCLUB #HBO #VH1 #MTV #CELEBRITIES #HOT97 #WSHH #WORLDSTAR #PEOPLE #HOLLYWOOD #LOSANGELES #BROOKLYN #BK #NY

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All you have to do is make a list of who your close friends are and then select the tab when posting something that is only meant to be seen by them. The friends that you add to this list will be notified that they are on this special list.