First look: Lady Gaga's Makeup brand

Lady Gaga's makeup brand Haus Laboratories has launched on Amazon as part of Prime Day, however, you won't be able to get the products until September as it's pre-order only for Amazon Prime members right now.

Lady Gaga has shared her first look at the makeup range and we're lovin' 'HAUS OF METALHEAD'. This makeup range looks edgy, strong, dramatic and glam, that is if Lady Gaga's launch video below is anything to go by.

The Haus Laboratories initial launch features a lip gloss, lip liners and a liquid shimmer powder, all available in several colours and shades. 

Lady Gaga herself along with Global Director of Artistry Sarah Nicole Tanno live-streamed the launch and shared the product line up.

We think this range will continue to be dramatic, creative and we're excited to see what other products will be released in the next few weeks.