Mwasalat launches route No. 9

Mwasalat will launch a new bus route this Friday (3rd August 2018).

Route No. 9 will start at Al Azaiba and will cover Ansab and then end at Industrial Misfah.

"The Oman National Transport Company Mwasalat announces the launch of Al Azaiba-Ansab-Industrial Misfah route line starting on Friday, August 3, 2018, as part of the company's keenness to expand public transport network between the Sultanate's governorates. In addition to encouraging everyone to use transport buses as a safe means of transportation on the move,” Mwasalat’s statement read.

Here’s the new route: Starting at the Al Azaiba station-South Al Azaiba-Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque-Ghubra-Oman Avenues Mall-Panorama Mall, Sultan Qaboos Sport Complex-Royal Hospital-Al Ansab-Falaj Al Sham-Al Awabi-Industrial Misfah.

Mwasalat will operate the new route on a daily basis and there will be one bus every 30 minutes from 6 am on weekdays and public holidays.

Tickets can be bought after one boards the bus or at the company’s office.

Mwasalat calls for the use of public transport buses because of its economic, social and environmental importance to an individual and the society. It helps raise the level of income, increasing the various economic aspects of the Sultanate, reducing the total costs of operation of the transport sector and reducing injuries and deaths resulting from traffic accidents.