Pink dyed her daughter's hair blue!

Over the weekend, Pink posted photos of her dying her daughter Willow's hair blue! She wrote: 
"I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her seven year old get her hair colored. So we thought we’d share what we did yesterday. "

Earlier in the week, Jessica Simpson posted a picture of her daughter Maxi Drew. Her hair was newly coloured purple and pink. The picture created a mixed reaction from fans...

Yes, Max!!!! It turned out so good! 💞

Looking good! 💜💜💜

So sad to see a child this young getting her hair dyed. She looked so much prettier with her natural golden locks. She still should be a child in every sense. That time is short.

Omg you colored her hair! What horrible parenting (<-sarcasm) seriously I love that you and @pink allowed your children to express themselves. Great job


What do you think? Love it or hate the idea?