Red Bull Titan Of The Hill

Red Bull Titan took place at The Old Village of Misfaat Al Abriyeen on Friday, November 23rd, 2018


Red Bull Titan of the Hill held its 2nd edition event in Oman's Misfaat Al Abriyeen in Wilayt Al Hamra, located in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate. The competitive platform for mountain bikers is a second-time event and a local Oman initiative.

The mountain biking downhill event is targeted at intermediate riders in a time-trial format. The event was open to the the public to attend and experience

Open to bikers from different backgrounds and disciplines, the event witnessed participation from surrounding GCC countries such as UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain

To challenge the riders, and put their stamina to the test, each rider was required to carry his bike to the top of the mountain up a trail built from natural material, 1,000 meter above sea-level from up a trail – that crosses four different backgrounds: rocky and technical section, fast flow urban stairs, paved road and a tight passage through palm tree farmlands.

Once at the starting point each rider individually rides downwards through the heart of Misfaat Al Abriyeen Village against the clock.

The riders ride from the descending mountain passing from the top of the village towards traditional old houses; passing though farms, sitting areas and rest shelters.

In the second edition of Titan of the Hill that took place in Misfaat Al Abriyeen, Tom Broodie, from Australia was named 'Titan of the Hill' Male Category at 00:02:06 mintues. Chanelle Grundlingh, from South Africa, was named 'Titan of the Hill' Female Category at 00:04:22 minutes.

Red Bull Titan of The Hill was not just another event, it was a whole Omani experieince where particiapnts got to ride through the 300 years old village, eat pure Omani traditional food, and camp with the locals

The highly anticipated Red Bull Titan of the Hill was held in partnership with Omantel, Ministry of Tourism, HiFM, Twenty3extreme, Oman Oasis Water, Oman Trailbuilders, Misfah Old House, Muscat Bike Shop, Oman Trailbuilders, BOSE, and Mwasalaat