Don't panic or anything, but it snowed in Saudi Arabia!

There's been a lovely cool breeze over Oman this weekend, and we think it could have something to do with the fact that it SNOWED IN SAUDI ARABIA! We're not panicking or anything, but this is big. 

When you think of Saudi Arabia, you don't think of blistering winds, enough to freeze you, but that's what happened!

Temperatures in certain parts of Saudi do drop to below zero degrees Celsius in November and Tabarjal, a town in the northern Al-Jawf region temperatures dropped down to -3ºc, making snow begin to fall from the sky, and everyone in the Middle East lose their minds! 

Climate change does also play a big part in all of this, earlier in the year, a study led by NASA had come to the conclusion that in 2016, the Middle East had experienced the worst drought in 900 years, thanks to climate change.