Taylor Swift's bracelets!

Taylor Swift posted this photo to her Instagram last night and it's got Swifties trying to work out what it means...

Some say these bracelets were gifts from fellow Swifties, given to her at a recent private listening session where Taylor treated fans to a first list of the new album 'Lover" and they said that Taylor posted the pic to share her love for her fans and their gifts.

Another fan said she spotted the work 'ROAR' spelt out so could this mean a Katy Perry collab...

Also, one of the bracelets has the word "CAT" on it and many think that was a nod to her up and coming role in the musical's film adaption of Cats. Others think its another sign to a possible Katy Perry collab because of her fanbase calling themselves 'KatyCats.'

Taylor's 'FEARLESS' bracelet has been linked to Selena Gomez as a fan pointed out that Selena's bio read "That's God. With him, on my side, I'm FEARLESS, afraid of no one and nothing."

Fearless though is also the title of Swift's second album.

There are for sure plenty of theories about what Taylor Swifts photo means.

I guess we'll just have to see what the future brings!