The 'Half-Blood Thunder Moon'

July is a busy month for space lovers.

Mercury is in Retrograde and this is apparently making us all more prone to communication mishaps, and technological difficulties. Heads up, this is going to continue up until July 31!

On July 16 and 17 we can expect to experience (as long as the skies are clear) a half-blood thunder moon, and we'll most likely be able to see it here in Oman in the early hours of the 17th July 2019.

What does this mean?

The moon will appear larger than usual and there will be a partial lunar eclipse, and the reason it is called a blood moon is because it will turn red as it passes into Earth's shadow. Cool right?! 

Also an interesting fact... 

July's moon is called the "thunder" moon due to the fact that at this time of the year we often experience more thunderstorms.

Happy stargazing moongazing folks!