Mwasalat Buses Now Have Free Wi-Fi!

Bus-riders, how often do you jump on the bus, pop your headphones in, listen to some music and be on your way? If you're anything like us, that's the only way you ride the bus. The problem with this; however, is that streaming music eats through your data... FAST! But fear not travellers, your data is now safe! 

On Tuesday, Omantel and Mwasalat teamed up to provide riders with a brand new free Wi-Fi Initiative, giving all riders the opportunity to connect to the web, saving precious data throughout the month! 

Many residents believe that this is a brilliant step in the right direction, and believe that the ability to have Wi-Fi whilst commuting to and from work will encourage more people to make the switch from cabs and baisa buses. 

For now, the Wi-Fi has been limited to 512 Kbps, which isn't that fast if you're hoping to watch an hour long documentary on YouTube, but the perfect amount to scroll through social media and chat with friends.

A spokesperson for Omantel spoke to the Times of Oman regarding the speed saying: "The reason we’ve capped it at that speed is so that everyone can receive the same speed for Wi-Fi, if we don’t do that, different phones might receive Wi-Fi at different speeds, and people will complain, so we thought this would be best for everyone."