Coronavirus: Basic services available during the lockdown

Basic services will be available during the movement ban (lockdown) which has been implemented from Saturday, 25th July and will last until Saturday, 8th August 2020 from 7pm to 6am.

A statement issued online by the Government Communication Center (GC) said, "The Public Authority for Water (Diam) will deal with emergency reports during the movement ban which includes the following:

1. Water leaks or pipe-bursts via the eDiam app. The 24-hour team will visit the site to solve the problems.

2. In case you find a water shortage in the tank filled by the government's water system, file a report through eDiam app or call on 1442. Your report will be handled according to the procedures.

3. In case you find water shortage in your tank which needs to be filled by water tankers, then water tankers will be allowed to travel during the movement ban, provided that tanker owners shall produce evidence during movement (water-filling and ownership cards)

4. For any emergency related to water, contact the call centre on 1442 or file a report through the eDiam app or"

GC confirmed, "The electricity emergency team will be functional for 24 hours. In the event of an emergency, please contact the toll-free number in your area:


1. Mazoom Electricity Company: 80077771

2. Muscat Electricity Distribution Company: 80070008

3. Majan Electricity Company: 80078000

4. Dhofar Power Company: 80077700

5. Rural Areas Electricity Company: 80077787 


GC also said; The following cases will be excluded from movement ban within the same governorate from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am:

1. Medical staff who work during the night shift.

2. Patients heading to hospitals and health centres within The Wilayat.

The statement also stated that shops and stores will be closed before 7:00 pm as employees need to return home before the movement ban. Also, since all shops will be closed, make sure to provide for basic needs at home during the movement ban such as medications, food, cooking gas etc.