Coronavirus: Ministry of Health closes some health centres

The Ministry of Health has announced that some health centres will close across the Sultanate in the evening to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Wadi Al Ma'awal hospital will now be closed weekdays as 9:00 pm, and people are now kindly requested to go to the Nakhl Health Centre during the closure period. Wadam hospital will also be closed in the evening seven days a week, and people are kindly requested to go to Al Musanah polyclinic. Also, Al Abidh hospital will be closed after 9 pm, and patients are requested to go to Barka complex or Nakhal hospital during the closing period. 

Wadi Bani Auf hospital, Al Awabi hospital and Al Rustaq hospital will all be closed after 9 pm and Al Nasim hospital will be closed weekday evenings and the patients are therefore requested to go to Barka polyclinic

Also, it has been announced that Al Nahda Hospital will have reduced visiting hours. (See below)