Coronavirus: Mosques are now open

The Supreme Committee for dealing with Covid-19 have decided to allow the opening of mosques where the capacity is not less than 400 worshippers from Sunday, 15th November, on the condition that only the five daily prayers are performed, with the exemption of Friday prayers. 

The conditions mosques need to follow include:

  1. A worshipper should avoid going to the mosque if he feels any symptoms of infection with Covid-19 or if such symptoms are experienced by one of his family members or people who have mingled with infected persons. 

  2. Mosques have to be opened at Call-for-Prayer Time (Adhan) and remain open only for 25 minutes, inclusive of Adhan, prayer and leaving the mosque. 

  3. Holy Quran books (Masahif) have to be kept away and not used by worshippers. 

  4. Water coolers (fridges) have to be shut down. 

  5. All toilets have to be closed. 

  6. Worshippers have to bring their own prayer mats. 

  7. Worshippers have to sanitize their hands before coming to the mosque and after leaving it. 

  8. Worshippers have to wear face masks at all the time when they are inside the mosque. 

  9. Worshippers have to observe distancing of at least 1.5 metres. 

  10. People responsible for mosque management have to see to all worshippers’ commitment to the measures mentioned above and other precautionary measures listed in the “Instructional Guide and Procedures for Mosque Preparation and Equipment” issued by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, but without prejudice to the above-mentioned procedures.