Coronavirus: Muscat Governorate set to be closed for 12 days (UPDATED)


The Supreme Committee said on Wednesday (8th April) that all entry and exit points in the Muscat Governorate will be closed from 10 am on Friday, April 10, until 10 am on Wednesday, April 22, with the continuation of checkpoints in all governorates. 

Here are the full details: 

  • Muscat governorate will be completely isolated from all other governorates. Individuals will not be allowed to enter or leave the governorate (strict limits will be in place). 
  • Employees from outside Muscat cannot enter unless companies request their entry and this would have to be approved.
  • Movements will be facilitated for trucks, food supply and medical emergency.
  • Employees within Muscat can still go to work only if their work presence is required but you must obtain a letter from your company.
  • Only grocery shopping allowed, also online grocery shopping allowed.
  • Health services will be made available to all members of society in the Governorate of Muscat and will facilitate their movement to get health care.
  • Food and ration commodities are sufficient for a long time and there will be follow-up by the competent authorities to provide all basic services, ration and food commodities.

The decision to close Muscat governorate completely was taken based on the decision by the authorities investigating the epidemic as part of the country’s intensive efforts and precautionary measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.


This was announced by the Oman News Agency.