Coronavirus: New restrictions in place from tomorrow (1st April 2020)

From tomorrow, April 1 2020, checkpoints will be in place to restrict citizens and residents travelling between governorates. This is a precautionary measure from the Sultan’s Armed Forces and the Royal Oman Police to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

During this time, you must carry your civil ID and work cards.

In a statement online, the armed forces said: “The Sultan’s Armed Forces and the Royal Oman Police have implemented the procedures related to the provisions of movements between the governorates of the sultanate, by activating the checkpoints for the control of movements of citizens and residents between the entries and exits of all governorates.

Those exempt from the decision are:

1. Employees in the public and private sectors whose job requires them to attend their places of work.

2. Ambulance and emergency vehicles.

3. Military and security vehicles.

4. Vehicles that transport foodstuff and basic necessities for citizens and residents.

5. Vehicles that transport construction and commercial materials and oil derivatives and the likes of materials that serve the two sectors.

6. Exceptional cases of citizens and residents according to the assessments of the security points between the governorates.

The Sultan's Armed Forces also stress the importance of staying in homes and not going out except for important journeys.