Coronavirus: Outdoor sports to resume in Oman

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth announced that committees,  clubs, and national teams can resume their activities.

The organizers must ensure the absence of an audience at the venue and follow the precautionary procedures issued by the Supreme Committee and international federations for each game:

  • The organizers should assign specialists in sports complexes and clubs,  to ensure that all health requirements are met before the start of training and matches in coordination with the sports federations.
  • Sports facilities must be sterilized before resuming activities and publish the necessary instructions at the entrances to sports facilities on social networking sites and in public places.
  • Direct physical contact should be avoided and periodic health checks must be conducted on players and members of the technical and administrative officials.
  • Technical and administrative officials and workers need to wear masks inside the sports facility.
  • Players are required to use special sports equipment.
  • Gatherings after the end of training should be avoided.
  • No gatherings at car parks and stadium entrances.
  • Players and staff must wash and disinfect hands frequently, and avoid touching the eyes and face.