1 July - What?? Did someone say 200? Did YOU??

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, July 1st, 2021 - 56 minutes

The first ever case of a shark attack... Jonny gets a text from a number he doesn't recognize, so the guys call it... Jonny's new sea-view apartment, but there's a twist... no one will be allowed to have fun at the Tokyo Olympics... a balloon ride to space??... a throwback to one of Robin and Jonny's first shows... Secret Government Alien Man phones to request a song... is this a clever or crazy way of getting back at an ex?... the new dating show coming to Netflix... Jonny scared a stranger while looking for a new place to live... US Government is releasing everything it knows about aliens... couples who blame all of their problems on the pandemic are actually what??.. Calm Larry puts his business on hold... single people smell differently to married people... what's in Ryan Seacrest's Canister today?... what really special thing did Jonny and his girlfriend do for their anniversary?... Usain Bolt has had twins... something disgusting Robin saw in a shopping trolley... Quasi from Hala wants Robin and Jonny to cheer him up... the guys play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide what to do... has the pandemic made you age faster?... how ladies can appear younger to men... Calm Larry is lazy... Robin has been called in to Eihab's office and he looks terrible... the reason why everyone at Hi FM is rude to Jonny... Tinder is changing... Robin goes on a rant about ironing boards... you could soon get adverts INSIDE your car.. Men, it's time to take the cat picture off your dating profile... JEEEEPERS THAT'S A LOT OF BITS. HAPPY 200TH PODCAST!!!!

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