10 June - The one where Robin is bullied - LOTS! 🚲 🥊 😢

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, June 10th, 2021 - 51 minutes

Robin was bullied into buying a bike... why was Jonny late to the studio?... Jonny isn't done teasing (bullying) Robin about his new bicycle... what board game causes the most fights?... Calm Larry finds a great deal on Muscat Downsizing... how Yemeni fishermen pulled themselves out of poverty... Robin is really upset about being bullied (AGAIN) on Instagram... Jonny finally went out with Hi FM's Chris Bovaird... what one song of his does Ed Sheeran's daughter like?... a girl calls to tell the guys she is a great driver, but it took her 7 times to pass... a Russian tennis player has been arrested for corruption... Jonny tells the story of when he crashed his car... the reason Jonny was late for work AGAIN!!!... Robin went for his first ride on his new tricycle (BULLYING AGAIN!)... how many apps do you have that you don't use?... Calm Larry and his Judo instructor... the guys are very mean (THEY BULLY HIM) to James Arthur... the ridiculous place a guy tried to hide from the police... Why Quasi from Hala FM is sad... the fastest woman to climb Mount Everest... Robin gets all soppy about women... another definitive reason NOT to get married... how much the Friends cast got for the reunion show... Jonny has OCD... the latest stupid Tik Tok trend... what Eihab, Hi FM's BIG boss asked Rachel Chew to do... what men and women are most afraid of... the reason men forget stuff... the guy who has been blocked gets really creative trying to get hold of his ex! AND MOREEEEEE!!!

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