11 Feb - The one where the guys confess something bad! ­čś▒

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, February 11th, 2021 - 55 minutes

The guys review Driver's License by Olivia Rodrigo... why does Robin weigh himself 4 times a day?... Jonny showed a man his home studio... is sitting through rubbish TV a sign of true love?... Robin and Jonny's confession about their boss... social media can predict when your relationship will end... Robin regales the story of the time a guy's mum tried to apply for a job for him... Jonny's worst-ever job interview... Calm Larry has grown as a person... the dove that Prince owned has died... the secret to living longer... Robin gives Jonny some advice about Valentine's Day... changes to the Olympics if they happen... what is Robin's wife saved as in his phone?... what do you save your partner as in your phone? Calm Larry saw a big spectacle... the guy who ate his earpod... Robin has found the perfect job for Jonny... present ideas for Valentine's Day... Ryan Seacrest is stepping down from a red-carpet event... Rachel Chew is now a newspaper columnist... the day that Jonny was right... are dogs really man's best friend... Jonny invited a "special guest" to see the Hi FM studio... someone phones in to ask the guys what they missed about broadcasting from home... Calm Larry wants to be a sound engineer... how to block creeps on social media... Robin and Jonny grill the new Hi FM starter Chris Bovaird... AND PERHAPS ANOTHER BIT THAT'S NOT ON THIS LIST OF STUFF THAT'S ON THE PODCAST THAT I'M TYPING RIGHT NOW? WHO KNOWS????