12 Aug - He said WHATTTTT to Robin's wife!!!???

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, August 12th, 2021 - 53 minutes

Rihanna is a billionaire!!... how actual cat pooh may actually save your life... Robin fought a fire in Qurum (seriously he is BUTCH!!)... 5 random facts to make you smarter... Jonny asked for "spicy food" but wasn't happy when it arrived errrrr spicy!!... the Queen of Great Britain has launched a line of dog biscuits... two thirds of mums now do this... Robin gives Jonny advice on his 1-year anniversary... Jonny doesn't understand a very obvious joke... Robin has a very personal confession... a guy calls to request a song, but there's a twist... Jonny watched the Olympic Triathlon... Robin and Jonny show off how well they can dance... the most watched 'how to' videos during the pandemic... Jonny finally reveals why he hasn't lost any weight... Robin points out something VERY suspicious in Jonny's hair... Jonny proves he is quicker than Robin... which artist uses the biggest range of words in their lyrics... a sister was banned from her brother's wedding, but do you agree with the reason why?... someone changed Craig David's Wikipedia page... the release of Clifford the Big Red Dog has been postponed... Robin can't believe what a man said to his wife in front of him... how many dates does it take before you know you really like someone... a guy calls 2 weeks too late and wants some rubbish from Jonny's house... Robin has a joke that seriously lets everyone down... Jonny's guide to the rubbish hotel resorts try and sell you... the man who is inappropriate to women, but there is a catch.. and that's where I think we will end it baby!!! Muchos man love from us two. xxxxx

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